About Sally and Mitch


Please feel free to view the gallery of client commissioned custom full color nylon fabric shower curtains. If interested- custom sample prototype shower curtains may be ordered by appointment. All e-mails are considered private.

When you see a fantastic shower curtain on a television program, at a hotel resort, displayed at a comic or sci-fi convention, or just sold at a department store, that would be www.sallyandmitch.com magical creation.

Some clients have their private or purchased artwork immortalized on a custom shower curtain, for friends, family or events.

Some images found here trademarked by the original artist{s}, or are copyright images owned by film studios or corporations. Other images are licensed directly from artists and retail companies.  These said images are a sample display to show the full color magic of a SallyandMitch.com shower curtain. All rights reserved on copyright images seen here on this site. Some images found here are from past client commissions and are used as a visual example only. All image  fees have been paid, or situations bartered. 

www.sallyandmitch.com has produced samples prototype full color shower curtains for the following celebrities and film licensing companies:

Here you will find the magical shower curtain creations of Sally Gadula and Mitch Cabula.